Here We Grow Again.

Finally, it is spring.  The growing has started and it is so exciting to see all the new growth.  The early flowering has been just superb.  I heard that due to our cooler month of March, the flowering trees held their buds closed, and now we reap the benefits of that cool March.  The daffodils likely experienced the same.  We have dodged several weather bullets here.  No late snow storms, just one very windy day.  Everything recovered nicely from the wind.   I can’t recall a spring during which the snow didn’t ruin the early daffodils. 

I just love daffodils.  I stopped counting the bulbs after 3,000.  Hyacinths are also a spring favorite.  The fragrance is so wonderful.  I did learn to plant the hyacinths very close, almost touching.  I typically buy the larger bulbs, so that I have large blooms.  The hyacinth blooms do tend to flop unless they have something to lean on.

Daffodils that I do remember the names! This is Apricot Whirl.

This is Tahiti, the best double that I grow.  It has a very strong stem and seldom falls over even in a heavy rain.

Sweet Love

Another great daffodil with a brilliant cup.  I think this is Katie Heath. 

Of course I have added a few pieces of garden art.  This is a great spinner, that twirls in the slightest of breezes.

Another grouping of daffodils.  This is Raspberry Ring.

I like to edge the beds with muscari.  The blue is a great border color.

The cherry trees are in full bloom.  There are two cherry trees that are on opposite sides of the garden and they make a great anchor.

Tomorrow promises to be 70 degrees and I don’t have work,  so I do hope to finish cleaning out the garden beds and feeding the daylilies.

I did force a few bulbs and had successful blooms during the cold winter months.

Have a blessed Easter.   Happy spring gardening, it is the best.

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So did he see his shadow today?  I guess not.  So that means an early spring.  I want to believe that.  I read somewhere that poor Punxsutawney Phil is most often wrong with his predictions.  I so want him to be correct this year.   I have shadows crossing the room across the Amaryllis which does promise to bloom soon.  This single bulb has 5 buds on it. 

It did bloom yesterday. This is Amaryllis Aphrodite.  A large double bloom.

I try to stay busy inside during this very bitter cold.  It is warming today.  Funny how 20 degrees can feel balmy. 

This is my inside helper.  His name is Scraggly.  A rescue several years ago.  He stays inside and is a joy.  The vet feels Scraggly is mostly Maine Coon.  He does weigh in at over 20 pounds and is a very gentle cat.  He helps with the laundry!  I can’t tell you how many times I have started to  pick up a basket of laundry and didn’t realize he was taking a nap in it.


 A few warming blooms from last summer. 

Subtle Knife
Russian Easter
George Jets On
Mama’s Hot Chocolate

So that last one isn’t so stunning, but it is different.  I also have not seen this bloom for so many years, that I lost track.  I feel that it decided to bloom because it has full sun now with the removal of that large maple tree

Now I am going for Hot Chocolate!  Sounds so good.

Stay Warm. 

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Dearest Bowie

It is with great sadness that I must write that Bowie did pass away.  It was two summers ago.     I was so sad and still feel sad.  I just could not bring myself to write about this let alone look at any pictures of him.    What a great cat he was.  He was friendly and curious.  Bowie was 17 years old.

I am told that is a good life span for an outside cat.     He died in his sleep.  He had been losing weight and was looking older.   He passed away just a week prior to his annual vet checkup.    He had a special spot where he always slept and that was where I found him.   I knew something was wrong when I looked out my kitchen window on that summer morning and saw him still in his sleeping spot. 

He followed me around everywhere and was very good with mole patrol.

I did notice that last summer I had a major mole invasion, so Bowie was really good at his job. He was also a big chow hound and was eating good up to his last day.   I still have his sister, Chloe, she has always been very timid, and I would say she was almost semi feral. It was so sad to see her searching for Bowie after he was gone.  Now she has warmed up to me a lot, I can pet her now and was actually able to get her to the vet for a visit. 

She is still doing well and is warm and cozy in the garden storage room.  She has a cat door to use and has her litter box and a bed in the room. 

She did start to follow me about this past summer and seemed to want my attention.  I gave her lots of attention for sure.  I realized that she was feeling the same grief that I was feeling. 

The rainbow bridge.   I miss him.

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Reaching Higher Ground

I was able to tell others that I placed every bit of hardscape and all of the plants into the garden by myself.  With the exception, of course, of the deck and pergola!   I had planned for years to build a retaining wall, and after researching it by watching endless youtube videos and reading a variety of articles and books, I came to the conclusion that this type of project was out of my skill set.  This is basically what I started with.  There had been a large maple tree here.  This tree was just too close to the house  and had  many dead limbs that would fall during any type of storm. The tree just had to go.

The tree was removed and later I had the stump removed.  It was quite the job.  I had to have the stump dug out twice.  I then had to be patient, waiting for  another year  to pass by to begin the project.  The amount of sunlight provided to the road side garden was great .  I had noticeable better blooms in that garden.  Waiting was actually a good thing, since I had so many decisions to make concerning the wall.  I found a good landscape builder, that was the first and my best decision.  Then the design and function of the wall had to be finalized.    Supplies came, and construction began.

The building took over a week to complete.  It was so exciting to watch the construction.

My neighbor was not home the week of construction, which made everything much easier.  I was able to use her driveway for the construction vehicles and supplies. 

The steps turned out great.  They are made from a manufactured composite and will last an eternity regardless of weather conditions.   The steps look like a natural cut stone. They are very heavy and had to be placed with a forklift.  I also noted that the builders were leveling each and every stone that they placed.  Such quality workmanship.  I was beyond pleased with the final results.  Drainage was used throughout.

The finished result was exactly what I had imagined. 

A little bit of whimsy for the wall.

The planting was fun and I did add more daylilies in this new bed along with other perennials.  .  I also transplanting several iris from other garden beds.    The center of the bed has two yellow peonies and a very dark peony, named Buckeye Belle.    Also planted over 200 daffodils and 50 hyacinths. I can only imagine what it will look like in the spring. 

I mulched in the mums that were planted late summer in hopes that they will return next fall.  This new raised bed should have  continual blooms starting in early spring . It was such a good feeling to get to higher ground.    Now I need to go through more pictures as this heavy snow is falling here.   Happy Gardening Dreams!

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Feverish Gardening

I don’t recall it being this hot, so hot I am not comfortable in the garden.  I love the sun and the heat, but this is a bit feverish.  The blooms are of course better in the morning hours.   I do have periods of shade in the garden, and those daylilies that get some of the shade are loving it.    Me too!    If I am going to be in the garden, I just have to move with the shade.    A few of my hotter blooms.

Primal Scream



A great display by Ruby  Spider, and she does get some shade during the day.

img_2063Prediction.   I have it in my garden and across the street in the field.  It seems to thrive in the hot all day sun of the field. This is from my yard. The bloom is nice, but there is a higher bud count with Prediction in the full sun.


Carnival in Brazil.  This one just started to bloom as it is a later blooming daylily.  This even seems a bit early for it.  Guess the fever hot and humidity has brought on earlier blooming on many of the daylilies.


Bluegrass Music,  maybe not a feverish color, but certainly a favorite of mine.


Canadian Blues  , I wonder if it is cooler in Canada?


Area 51,  this one is from a Canadian Grower.  Morry.  Avalonia Daylilies.


Another Canadian Grown daylily,  Maple Leaf Forever


Fun fish don’t seem to mind the heat.


Wayne’s World, a Hanson.  I wonder if it is cooler in Wayne’s World.

img_2052-1Tully Mars,  Dan Hansen.


Two Sues,  another Hanson.



I will now attempt to go back outside for a bit.  I have my ice water, and sunscreen with me.    How about a nice soft daylily pillow to lay your head on !  That looks like a cure for this feverish gardening.


Happy Hot Gardening!




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Constant Renewal

img_1661What a concept, constant renewal, who wouldn’t want that?   It is part of the reason that I enjoy the daylilies.  Every day is a renewal of the garden, with a different look. The one above is Cloaking Device.  If it has a name related to the Star Trek series, then it is likely a Hanson daylily.

The garden changes every day, with something to look forward to each day.

img_1667There are so many colors, and forms, there has to be a daylily out there for everyone.  At first I preferred the dark eyed daylilies, then I had a phase during which I looked for eyed daylilies that had a pattern.  There are many.  Marseilles Watercolor is an early bloomer with a great patterned eye.


Barcode, another patterned eye.


Aztec Headdress


Citrix was obtained during my orange phase.


Of course there is Pumpkin Kid.


Every morning there are new ones open for the first time.   It works out well when they pose with their label.


The bottle tree remains the same every day.


Spring Garden Greetings


White Knuckle Ride , what a surprise this morning.


Another version of Ruby Spider. in a poly form,  it looks like a star.  I checked behind the bloom and it doesn’t appear to be a fused bud.  A new Ruby Spider for today that will be gone tomorrow.  I checked the buds and it appears that several will bloom in the poly form.


img_1685Above is Man Points,  this is a huge bloom from Dan Hansen.   It really stands out in the garden.

Of course there are the diminutive daylilies  that are quite wonderful.  This is Plum Cupcake,  a heavy bloomer.


Tomorrow will be another renewed garden. This is my favorite place to renew.


Happy Gardening.






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June is time for Daylilies

img_1533The daylilies have started, just a few are blooming, yet each day there are a few more.  Above is Stenciled Impression.

Some of my favorites are in bloom now.  Most of these are the FFO  ( First Flower Out )

Just Fabulous  ( and it is )

img_1407Black Fathom Depths


Meet Joe Black

img_1464There seems to be a pattern here.  I do favor the dark eyed daylilies for sure.

Francois Verhaert


A variety of daylilies do bloom early


The cat statue stands guard.  Hopefully it will keep the chipmunks and moles away!

img_1412A few more in bloom include   Ruby Spider  a rather large bloom.

img_1545A nice double daylily that surprised me this morning,  Spotted Fever.img_1534

There has been an abundance of rain lately.  The daylilies are loving it, while the iris seem to be suffering a bit.  Lots of rain and days of heat and high humidity seem to cause the iris to rot.   I have been digging them out and trying to plant them in ‘higher ground’  I had some bloom, although it wasn’t the best show.  My favorite Coffee Trader did well.


The patterned daylilies are intriguing to look at.  Through the Looking Glass.


A sudden downpour followed by brilliant sun, created this double rainbow.


Time to go.    Happy June Gardening.


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