Time to Slow Down

I haven’t been on my own blog much lately.  What a shame that life is just so busy, that I don’t have the time to slow down.   This terrible storm has grounded me so to speak.  However, I am most fortunate, not even losing any power, although couldn’t get to work as they had no power in the town that I work.  My thoughts are with those that have been impacted by this October storm.

Potting up day came and went.  It is now a pleasant memory.    I had ordered many daffodils and hyacinths of which most went into the ground for a spring spectacular.             I do like to force bulbs, so I was all set up. 

                                                      This is how I get started.

The jars are all ready.  I force in water using a variety of materials, such as small rocks, glass pebbles, and marbles.  I have used potting soil, but have always found the water forcing to be just more fun, and quite frankly not as messy.  These will go into a refrigerator for about 12-14 weeks.  I will then take them out to enjoy winter blooms.

The bulbs I received were all very healthy, and I do expect great results. 

These are the hyacinth bulbs, very nice ones.  I ordered Woodstock, a very pretty deep purple color and Fondant, an enchanting pink hyacinth.   I planted each color in a large grouping opposite each other in the bed. 

Aren’t they lovely bulbs?  Seems some people have a sensitivity to the bulbs.  I have never experienced that , but do wear gloves most of the time when handling the hyacinth bulbs.

The daffodil bulbs were likewise very healthy, with most being double nosed.  The daffodils I ordered were Greengarden, Katie Heath, Mint Julep, Pistachio, Punchline, Tropical Sunset, and Rainbow of Colors.  For fun, I also ordered Cantabricus, which is the hoop shaped daffodil.   Guess If I am collecting daffodils, then I need to include it in my garden.

I mostly planted in swaths that I placed in swirls in the bed.   Can’t wait to see what it will look like.  It was like creating a work of art, not unlike a painting, yet I will not be able to view it until spring.  Patience is a virtue, and a rewarding one at that.

The lily bulbs also arrived and I quickly planted them.   The spots were all marked during the summer so it was easy work. 

Lillies planted were —Forever Susan, Lionheart, both asiatic.   Also planted Lankon along with bonus bulbs, a surprise mix of asiatics. 

The daylilies are now done, although there are a few late scapes that popped up, so they will be cut and brought inside. Perhaps they will bloom if I give them time to slow down.

A few blooms remain in the garden as things wind down. Toad Lily and Green Jewel Coneflower are still pretty and the mums have been glowing.  

Now don’t forget to turn those clocks back this coming up weekend.  That will give us all an extra hour to slow down. 


About obsessivecompulsivegardening

I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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2 Responses to Time to Slow Down

  1. Cody kokoszka says:

    Hi I am a huge fan of your bearded.iris could I.buy some of your huge old fashion blue ones? I live In mich and cant find that kind anywhere you would make my day! I will pay for postage and iris if you.could mail some huge clumps since im sure you have to divide soon? Please let me know

  2. maureen says:

    I really do love reading your posts. You have such a lovely gift of writing and the pics are great. Thanks for sharing this. p.s. I love Sausalito’s:-)

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