Iris Interruption

The iris are now officially gone for the season. Now I must interrupt the on going gardening season to take a brief look back at the wonderful iris. My favorite iris again this iris season was hands down Coffee Trader. Such a wonderful mix of colors and so very unusual. I feel a need to order more of this wonderful iris.
Picture 014
The iris were wonderful this season. Someone asked about any reblooming iris, and I do have Immortality, which is a white iris. It has only rebloomed one time for me over the past ten plus years that I have had it in the garden. Rebloomers are most often unreliable, at least for me here in Northeast Ohio. The conditions have to be just right for the rebloomers to do their job, but I am not even certain what those ‘conditions’ are supposed to be. I try to just enjoy the iris when they appear in the late spring, just like Bowie does! Actually he looks a bit upset to me! Perhaps he wants the attention that I am giving to the iris! ๐Ÿ™‚
Picture 004
More of the iris. Ring Around Rosie, an iris that was damaged from the flooding conditions several springs ago, but with a little bit of tender care, Rosie is blooming now.
Picture 037
Picture 023
Picture 007
Been very busy this past month. I put in a new vegetable garden, with lots of room, of course, for daylilies. I planted several of the oldies but goodies from the daylily world, along with some of the overflow from my daylily beds. I actually hand dug this area! Can’t even believe I did it this way, but I wanted to do a double dig, and get all stones, weeds, etc out. This bed is across the street on a plot of land next to a farmer’s corn field and is a good 60 feet deep. I am fortunate to be able to use it! Here is Bowie running out to see what is new in the latest addition!
Picture 024

I have about 16 different tomato plants, 5 peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins just for fun. In addition to the daylilies, I have a row of purple coneflower that would have been thrown out, along with some iris.
Picture 023
Picture 017
The Asiatic Lillies are in full bloom now, and are once again the highlights in the garden. I believe this is Suncrest.( Sorry if the labels aren’t running with the pictures)
Picture 092
This is Orange Art.
Picture 125
Lion Heart?
Picture 019
Picture 087
It has stopped raining, so I must get back outside to garden and relax.
Picture 113

The Oriental Poppies are of course gone now, but I love this picture. It is saying
“Hats off to Gardening”
Picture 012
The daylilies are starting and every day brings new excitement.
I need to start a new post devoted to the daylilies.
Thanks for visiting, and Happy Gardening!
(A special Hello to Martha!! It was so nice to see you at the baby shower! )


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One Response to Iris Interruption

  1. Anya says:

    In that first pic of Bowie, he looks like he about to sneeze! He’s a sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚ Great irises, gorgeous colors, and yes, Coffee Trader is quite special – I have ordered a bunch to plant in fall – no idea where I’ll put them LOL! How do you deal with the bare areas once the iris are done? And last but not least, that water-side deck is fabulous! Looking forward to the daylilies – mine are soon to start – at last!

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