Time for the Daylilies

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It is time for the daylilies. They have been happily blooming since mid June, and this summer has proved to be very good for the daylilies. I have had a passing thought that perhaps I have too many, is that possible? There are so many to choose from, with well over 60,000 named dayliles, and hundreds being added each year. Currently I have 476 daylilies, and trust me that is just a mere drop in the bucket. Speaking of buckets, here are a few of the five gallon buckets containing the blooms after I had pinched them off in the evening. Normally, I would deadhead in the morning, but I do like to do the live heading late in the evening, especially when I expect to have garden visitors the next morning. At first it was a little unnerving to do the live heading, even with knowing that the bloom would be gone the next morning anyway. I ended up with 6 buckets filled with blooms.

Picture 055

I have so many favorites and each day that favorite lists changes. It is what I like about the daylilies, every day is a new look in the garden with many favorites blooming. Here are just a few of my mere 476!
This is Bluegrass Music, a win from the auction. It did bloom ahead of schedule, due to spending some time in Florida before being shipped to me.
Picture 047
Sunday Sandals.
Picture 016<

Special Candy, has been blooming for a long time and is still sending up scapes.
Picture 003
Those all kinda look the same, don’t they? Let me show you something different. This is Reflections in Time, with a patterned eye. I do like the daylilies with the more complex patterns in the eyezone.
Picture 088
Aztec Headdress, an older daylily with that pattern look.
Picture 100
Extravagant, it didn’t bloom last summer, but is making up for it now. The first few blooms were so ugly, but it came around and was worth the wait.
Picture 018
Prickled Petals, a later blooming daylily, it just started blooming last week, and has tons of buds.
Picture 045
Another one, Borg Technology, you can tell it is a Hanson Daylily by the name!
Picture 032
A grouping of Time To Fly.
Picture 008
Navajo Princess, with the interesting eye.
Picture 054

There are so many super nice pink daylilies, that I have one bed devoted to just the pinks.
Picture 048
Another garden view.
Picture 043
The Coffee Bench!
Picture 021
A switch of colors with Dragon Knife, this one is also still sending up scapes.
Picture 119
An all time favorite of mine, Fashion Police.
Picture 011

Cat Scratch Fever, a shorter daylily that is great for the front of the bed.
Picture 038

Yet another favorite, Subtle Knife. A really good garden plant, tall, with great branching and loaded with buds. The blooms are good in heat and in rain!!
Picture 013

This post could go on forever, but I will end with an amazing daylily, Pigment of Imagination.
Can’t describe it, and pictures don’t tell the entire story. It actually changes color during the day, with bands of gray, ( yes gray) and yellow spreading across the bloom. Saw it for the first time during the National Daylily Convention in Columbus, and had to have it. It is doing it’s thing in my garden and I can’t take my eyes off of it!!
Picture 032

Bowie approves too!!
Picture 033

I need to organize my pictures better, maybe it will rain and I will be able to do that.
Happy Gardening.


About obsessivecompulsivegardening

I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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3 Responses to Time for the Daylilies

  1. Nancy Olson says:

    you have a wonderful collection! I really enjoy your blog and comments about your daylilies. Will you be at the Daylily National Convention next week in Minneapolis? If so it would certainly be enjoyable to meet you!

    • Oh Nancy, I so wish that I could be at the National Convention this year! It would be great to meet you. I will attend again at some point in the future as it was just a great experience. Thanks for the nice comments. Cindy

  2. Theresa Roth says:

    Wow those were some beauties! I always enjoy your pictures

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