Persuadable Purple

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There are so many purple daylilies and there seems to be more purple tones in my garden when it comes to the daylilies. When I say purple, I do mean all the variations, such as lavender, mauve, violet, magenta, plum, orchid, everything from the reddest blues to the bluest reds!
Purple is neither a hot nor cold color, but when used with warm colors, it seems a cooler color and the opposite seems true, that when used with cool colors it warms things up. It is so versatile, perhaps that is why I am drawn to it. It is why I am easily persuaded to bring home a purple or lavender daylily when I already have so many. Or could it be that it is just a persistent daylily color. 🙂
I went into a purple frenzy several years ago when I purchased Lexington Lace.
Picture 004
Palace Garden Beauty, good name, as purple is often associated with royalty.
Picture 036
Black Fathom Depths, a great garden plant. I have this one in the garden and in a large pot.
Picture 071
Other great purples, Siloam Artwork, like all the Siloams this is a smaller bloom.
Picture 015
Sassy Sam,
Picture 009
Celestial Shore
Picture 005
Sinister Minister, getting into the red side of purple with this one, but it is a beauty despite the name.
Picture 018
Satin Bird, like it well enough, but it doesn’t show up every year.
Picture 019
Precious Candy
Picture 013
Lake Effect, really pretty and a late bloomer for me.
Picture 008
Picture 025
Wayne’s World, a Curt Hanson daylily,just acquired last year, and the fans have already doubled. It was one of those daylilies that got stuck in my brain, if you know what I mean.
Picture 027
Other Hanson daylilies with that lavender look, First Officer’s Log
Picture 025
Shadow Cabinet, really tall and just wonderful
Picture 002<
I have many older ones with that great color. Grand Palais, has been in my garden a very long time, and it will always stay.
Picture 037
Another classic daylily is Strutter’s Ball
Picture 024
I am planning a road trip this week to Curt Hanson’s place and my sister in law needs to keep an eye on me so that I do not sneak away with yet another lavender daylily. I need to sit for awhile and contemplate which daylilies I will bring home, as I only have two spots remaining in the garden.
Picture 113
I made a list, but that list will go out the window, when I view the fields of wonderful daylilies.
Happy Gardening, and add some purple to your garden!


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I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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One Response to Persuadable Purple

  1. bittster says:

    They look great and I love your bench. Good luck limiting yourself on your trip, i have enough trouble limiting myself when it’s just a short trip to the local nursery!

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