Late to the Party

>I should say, so very late to the party!! I just haven’t posted at all lately, life has been so very busy. I started to organize my thousands of pictures from this past gardening season, and I thought I should post a few of the late blooming daylilies that were enjoyed at the end of the season.
One of the many wonderful things about daylilies it that the different hybrids have different bloom times. Starting with the very earlys and ending with the very lates. This way the daylilies, at least in my part of the gardening world, can be enjoyed from June through September. This is Pumpkin Kid and it is actually a mid blooming daylily; however, it sent up rebloom scapes in the summer, something it has never done before, so I continued to enjoy this bloom until the frost did it in. This is the first of the reblooming version.

Picture 032

Here is the rebloom of Pumpkin Kid posing along with the fall mums, and yes, it does look like a different daylily. Daylilies can take on slightly different faces depending upon the temperature, humidity, amount of rainfall, and soil conditions. It seems to me that it is the factor of temperature that changes the face of the daylily most often. Pumpkin Kid was more pinkish than orange as it bloomed in the much cooler fall temperatures.
Picture 002

I actually have few late blooming daylilies, and am always on the look out for them. It seems that the very lates tend to be generally yellow or pink, as in Suntemple Spirit, a very late bloomer.
Picture 027
And Orchid Corsage a nice pink unusual form daylily. This one is one of the last ones to start blooming, and it is listed as a midlate.
Picture 024
I find it funny, how we gardeners are so excited to see the ordinary colors of yellow or pink, in a daylily when they bloom late. It does seem that most of the very early and the very late tend to be in the more common colors. You just see a lot of yellow early on and later on.
A really pretty daylily that blooms late for me and is listed as a mid late, is The Holo Deck.
It is a great growing Hanson daylily. It seems a lot of the late daylilies that I grow happen to be Hansons.

Picture 018

Waves Become Wings, a very late blooming older Hanson, blooms late in a sea of daylily foliage.
Picture 013

Yet another daylily that is late to the party, From My Lips. This one is listed as early mid, yet it has always bloomed later for me. It has been in my garden for several years now, and tends to start to bloom late in July. Don’t know why that is.

Picture 002

Carnival in Brazil always comes late to the party and it is listed as a mid season bloomer.

Picture 038

Frans Hals, is a very old daylily, registered in 1955!! I have three groupings of it in one garden bed, just because it is so nice and so late. I found this daylily growing in my yard when I first moved into my house some 35 years ago!! Glad I kept it.
Picture 037

A brilliant late comer is Enola Gay, can’t describe this color, and pictures don’t describe it well either. It is listed as late and comes late. I have it planted right by my deck, so I can enjoy it. Here it is showing off in a poly form. Enola Gay is another Hanson daylily.

Picture 001

Another late arrival is Ashwood Inferno, listed as mid late, and it did bloom late for me. It is also a new arrival, this past season was it’s first season in my garden. It was sent as a bonus plant from Richard Norris at Ashwood Garden.
Picture 008

A consistently late daylily is Chicago Apache, a real beacon in the garden.
Picture 063

This is a lovely late bloomer, not real sure of the name, I think it is Lake Effect. sorry about that. I should have organized my pictures much sooner, I am late doing that too.
Picture 007

Then the snow came early!!
Picture 034
Bowie is doing well. He has a warm winter shelter in my garden room, with his own cat door, so he can come and go as he pleases.
Picture 018

One more late comer to the party is Baby Moon Cafe, it is listed as an early mid season bloomer. This is one that I planted this past spring in the field across the street. Since it is new this season, it could be confused on blooming time, but it was nice to have it come to the party late.
It takes a few seasons before newly planted daylilies adjust.
Picture 048

Happy New Year and wishes for a good gardening season to come.


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5 Responses to Late to the Party

  1. Theresa Roth says:

    I always enjoy your pictures! I love The Holo Deck, I’d never even heard of it, if you ever want to sell it or trade keep me in mind!! thanks, Theresa

  2. John Hric says:

    Nice tour of your daylilies. Always nice to see new and old faces in a different garden.

  3. Anya says:

    Never too late (or too early!) to see pictures of daylilies, especially during this awful winter. I have been greatly enjoying your gorgeous photos over the holidays, and glad to see Bowie is doing well. Happy New Year!

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