Fifty Shades of Daylilies

Picture 022
The color palette for daylilies is astounding, so much so that it could make you dizzy. I have one flower bed devoted to just the shades of pink. I believe that the number of registered daylilies is now well over 80,000. Just imagine that!! So many daylilies to choose from. So we really don’t have 50 shades, but more like thousands of shades. I’ll start with those in the yellow hues.
Sunday Morning, a brilliant yellow with a blazing green throat.
Picture 049
Panther Eyes, a soft yellow with that dark eye. Stands out.
Picture 052
Russian Easter, a soft yellow with a softer mauve eye. Like this one a lot.
Picture 060
Cat Scratch Fever, a nice yellow with a blue/purple eye and edge. Then a close up of Optical Art, with that great pattern, and a ladybug.
Picture 004
Picture 028

Now to a darker shade, orange. Citrix, a wonderful bloomer, with lots of buds.
Picture 016
Tigerling, another heavy bloomer. This is an ‘older’ daylily.
Picture 031
Not sure what color this may be, but appears to be a shade of orange. Tennessee Afterglow.
Picture 039
Getting further away from orange, maybe closer to yellow, with Little Rainbow, another oldie but goodie. Thanks for this one Pat!
Picture 018
Tiger Eye, a nice combination of two shades.
Picture 006
A wonderful blending of red shades, with Joan Derifield.
Picture 093
A lavender shade with Time to Fly. Showing a poly form.
Picture 008

Dizzy yet? Let’s pause for a relaxing view of many shades.
Picture 041

A softer shade of pink / lavender with Paper Butterfly. An early bloomer with high bud count.

Picture 058

Storm Damage, another shade of pink / lavender

Picture 035
Pebble in a Pond, great shade with a wonderful complex pattern in the eye.
Picture 017

Lets go to a lighter shade with Border Music, with a clear white and dark eye and edge. The pinkish shade daylily in the background is Pitter Patter.
Picture 039

Blue Eyed Butterfly
Picture 033
A soft lavender shade in Magnificent Rainbow.
Picture 015
Not sure what shade this is, Waxwing Watercolor, listed as a pale creamy orange, with a pale blue purple center and edge. I don’t know what shade it is, I just know that I really like it.
Picture 014
A few more shades, perhaps this should go with the oranges, Web of Intrigue, super early blooms. One of my first ones to show up in June.
Picture 024
Just Fabulous, and it is just that! I love the darker eye area.
Picture 041
And when you think you have seen all fifty shades of daylilies, there are those daylilies that are just plain brown. Milk Chocolate.
Picture 047
A big pink shade in Big Kiss
Picture 023
I’ll end this post of daylilies with a pleasant grouping of shades that are in Sink Into Your Eyes.
Picture 008

This could go on forever. I do believe that I have never seen this shade of green in a daylily, but I’m sure someone will someday have a seedling with this shade. This coneflower is Echinacea Green Jewel.

Picture 039

Spring is just a mere eleven weeks away šŸ™‚ even though right now it seems to be fifty weeks away šŸ˜¦
Just a FYI, I didn’t read the book. The last good fiction I read was Cloud Atlas. Lately I have been reading nonfiction. The latest thought provoking nonfiction that I have read: Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon.
Stay warm, the frigid temperatures make for good reading, just not outside.
Picture 021<


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4 Responses to Fifty Shades of Daylilies

  1. Theresa Roth says:

    Oh thank you!! i always love to see your pictures, so many pretty flowers

  2. John Hric says:

    Nice set of images ! You included one of my favorites, Little Rainbow. They are all beautiful. And you were very close on the count of registered daylilies…76573 daylilies found. About 3,100 registered in the last year

  3. What a pleasure to see so many lovely flowers on this cold snowy winter day! Thank you for sharing a reminder of the garden to come šŸ™‚

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