Solar Spring

So the local weatherman reports that today is the start of Solar Spring, and I do like to hear that.   Starting February 5th, there is a more rapid increase in daylight hours in the northern hemisphere.  Things are starting to turn around and we are now more than a month past the winter solstice.  Yeah!!  We need that. Just in case you are counting, like I am: 35 days to daylight saving time day,  40 until St. Patrick’s day ,  and then just a mere 43 days until Spring.  We can do it!!   This is what I am waiting for.

4428Now while I wait,  I have my indoor gardening to keep me calm and sane.

The daffodils are growing well, with plenty of roots and tall foliage.  I was concerned about the foliage stretching out so much, concerned that there would be only foliage and no flowers.  That would mean that the chill/ dark period wasn’t sufficient to set buds.  I brought out the first leggy daffodil at 13 weeks, then several were brought out at 14 weeks.  001The roots look good and finally after a few weeks inside the house, a bud appears.

005The bud is nestled down in the foliage.  This took about two weeks after the daffodil was brought inside.  I should have been more patient, I know this is how it works!

004The crocus all did really well, and it was so great to have them blooming the past few weeks.  I would advise anyone who is thinking about trying to force bulbs, start with the crocus.  They are fool-proof  and only need 10 weeks of chilling.  The blooms are small, but if they are potted up in a small container, they look great.


I also potted up the Amaryllis bulbs that had been chilling in a brown bag.  I don’t place these in the same place as the other bulbs.  A brown bag just in the basement is good enough.  The bulbs have all sprouted foliage which is a good sign.  These will likely bloom ( if they bloom at all ) at the end of spring, which is OK with me.  Several of the bulbs are more than 4 years old.

029I did receive a new Amaryllis and it is blooming.

020This is a double Amaryllis, and it is quite the showstopper.   I will do the extra work to save this bulb for sure.

The hyacinth is also a good bulb to force for the beginner.  This looks really odd. It seems to have split in the jar.  It will be rather curious if it provides more than one bloom and I do see several buds growing.


I hear there is a big football game today.

So Happy Solar Spring.




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2 Responses to Solar Spring

  1. sweetk8 says:

    guess mine didn’t get enough darkness -all of my potted bulbs popped up but nothing as far as a bloom. 😦 I know they had plenty of chill as things ramp up here pretty fast once September rolls around. As this was my first attempt at forcing bulbs, I’m still a bit disappointed that all I got for the trouble was lots of greenery. Think I’ll just leave it to Mother Nature to provide the thrills from now on. 😀

    • Sorry to hear that you didn’t get any flowers!! The first year I forced bulbs, I had only a 30% bloom rate, then the following year 50% of the bulbs bloomed for me. It was a real learning curve for me, finding the right chilling spot, and the right bulbs to use, and gaining patience. Don’t give up, Try the hyacinth in water! They are so beautiful and fragrant.


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