May Mojo

April didn’t seem to have the showers to bring the May flowers.  Seems the rain is catching up now.  The daffodils and tulips are long gone, yet wonderfully, they are replaced with the iris.  Oh, how I love iris.  They seem to be a bit high maintenance with all the dividing, and care that is needed.  But that bloom!!  The dwarf iris start out first, this is Posing.


Another dwarf that stands out is Jive.004

The tall bearded are absolutely the most dramatic of May flowers, they just have that mojo!  They are just beginning to open.  I have divided them out and moved so many, that I don’t have all the names.  Not sure about the name of this one.  It is just a pleasing lavender.


Iris have the most wonderful shades of blue of any flower in the garden.


This one is Secret Service.


I have quit a few Herrons about the lake, and it is hard to capture them in a photo.  I was able to get this one, with zooming in, so the picture is a bit fuzzy, but it still is so cool.  The Herrons certainly have mojo.


Back to the iris.  This one is Matt McNames


Not quite open yet, but what a great blend of color.  I think this is Secret Rites.

The poppies are showing off.

The Lupine are wonderful this May.  This Lupine is Manhattan Lights.  very different from the traditional blue Lupine.

Every day that I walk about the gardens, I am seeing the scapes of daylilies, and that is thrilling!

I did a few projects and added a few pieces of garden art.

The birdbath planter is ready.


This bottle is pretty by day, and then lights up at night.  I must say that I didn’t make it. I found it calling my name out at a local garden center.

Another planter finished.  This one is a bit tricky to do, but well worth the effort.  The flowers will fill in and it will be a sphere of blooms.

Bowie waits for me.   Happy Gardening and hoping you have lots of May Mojo.



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I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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10 Responses to May Mojo

  1. carolee says:

    LOVE, love, love your lupines! And that dwarf iris Jive just went on my “must have” list!

  2. Linda May says:


  3. susan says:

    Beautiful as always. I also love the bearded iris. Love going out everyday to see how many new scapes I can find on the daylilies.. Only one has bloomed so far. Have a wonderful summer.

  4. Lovely garden! Lupines. Either you love them or you hate them. hahah.
    How many years have you been growing iris? I’ve only got a couple years growth on the ones I planted – all our garden spaces are new here. Dividing – I won’t have to worry about that for some time… but how long does it take?? Also what ‘maintenance’ regime are you using? I look forward to your reply.

    • Thanks Kate. Yes, I am probably doing more for the Iris than what might be needed. I do add a bit of bone meal around them a few months before bloom, around March. As they are blooming, I pinch off the dead blooms, ( just for neatness sake ) and then I cut the bloom stalk off near the ground when it is finished. I will also stake the taller ones that tend to bend down if we have a heavy rain. I typically divide them out every 3-5 years. Some spread faster than others. Division is done during July, and that is when I check for iris borers. I also cut off any dead or ragged leaves as they are growing. I do cut back the leaves of any that I replant after the division. I leave about 2 inches on the foliage. Then late fall, I cut back all of the foliage to about 1 -2 inches. I also check frequently during the winter and early spring months for any heaving on the more recently planted ones, and do push them back into the soil, and at times a place a weight on them to keep them in place.
      I have found that they really do require full sun, need good drainage, and while the fertilizer may not be necessary, I know to stay away from any fertilizer that is high in nitrogen.
      hope that helps. Of course I know people who do really nothing and have a good bloom show! But that show does tend to fade over time, if nothing is done .

      • Thank you for taking the time to offer me such an informative reply! I appreciate it 🙂 Luckily all our iris are in sunny positions with good drainage. They were all singles when planted so it will be some time before any dividing will be needed 😀 I sure love the flowers though, they are so wonderful. Thanks again!

  5. One more thing! I have been growing Iris as long as I can remember ( 30 + years) and I have also noted that some will take a year off, and I don’t see any bloom, then the following year they put on a great show. I do tend to divide, and move them when they don’t bloom 2 consecutive years. I always have a first year bloom when I purchase new ones. I have always used the same grower, and they are listed on my sidebar.

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