Fun in Acapulco

Not exactly a beach view, just a great daylily. When I asked for a large brilliant yellow daylily at Curt Hanson’s,  a few summers ago, he asked ” do you have Fun in Acapulco?”

My response was ” No”.  He then replied I never would have fun in Acapulco, because it is just a tourist trap.  haha.  I did go home with Fun in Acapulco.  It is a huge flower that yells across the garden.  I love it. Bloom size is typically more than 9 inches.

The smaller yellow  in the background, is Slice of Life, which is a parent of FIA.


More fun daylilies from peak bloom, which was shortly after the 4th of July.

Bluegrass Music

Love this one too.  Unfortunately, it has never increased for me.  Same two fans that I started with years ago, yet it does bloom every year with a nice bud count.


Precious Candy.    Fun color, and it actually rebloomed one year.


Santa’s Little Helper,  just a fun name.

042Spacecoast Freaky Tiki


More fun with George Jets On.075

Gillian, I moved it last fall, and it took off.  I guess sometimes a change of location can help a daylily.  Gillian didn’t bloom much prior to the move.


Ruby Spider.   This one typically starts the season off, and it is a blooming machine.


Early July fun.   The pale, tall, unusual form daylily is Jellyfish Jealousy.   What a fun name!   It has increased well, and has an extended bloom time.

I see my gardening shovel with the yellow handle. Do you see it?  Funny how I find many of my ‘lost’ tools when I look at pictures later.


Last fall I transplanted a large group of Shasta Daisies over to the field across the street.  I wasn’t sure it would work, and I needed the room in my garden for more daylilies.  The daisies did great and actually behaved better across the street where they had full sun all day long!


I did finish labeling all of the daylilies, at least the ones that I know the names.  I highly recommend this company for plant labels.  I have them listed on my sidebar. I now have 510 dayliles, and I never thought I had enough room!

I do have 17 NOIDS  ( no identification )   As many of you know 510 is just a drop in the bucket, with all of the daylilies that are available.


Now time to relax and have fun in the garden, seeing how I am not going to Acapulco.


Happy Gardening.


About obsessivecompulsivegardening

I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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2 Responses to Fun in Acapulco

  1. Linda May says:

    These are so lovely! They seem so natural in their environment that many would not realize all of the hard work needed to make this vision.

  2. susan says:

    My bluegrass music has never increased either, just like you same double fan for 3 years now but it was exceptionaly pretty this year, maybe it’s our Ohio weather. Glad you found your shovel.

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