June is time for Daylilies

img_1533The daylilies have started, just a few are blooming, yet each day there are a few more.  Above is Stenciled Impression.

Some of my favorites are in bloom now.  Most of these are the FFO  ( First Flower Out )

Just Fabulous  ( and it is )

img_1407Black Fathom Depths


Meet Joe Black

img_1464There seems to be a pattern here.  I do favor the dark eyed daylilies for sure.

Francois Verhaert


A variety of daylilies do bloom early


The cat statue stands guard.  Hopefully it will keep the chipmunks and moles away!

img_1412A few more in bloom include   Ruby Spider  a rather large bloom.

img_1545A nice double daylily that surprised me this morning,  Spotted Fever.img_1534

There has been an abundance of rain lately.  The daylilies are loving it, while the iris seem to be suffering a bit.  Lots of rain and days of heat and high humidity seem to cause the iris to rot.   I have been digging them out and trying to plant them in ‘higher ground’  I had some bloom, although it wasn’t the best show.  My favorite Coffee Trader did well.


The patterned daylilies are intriguing to look at.  Through the Looking Glass.


A sudden downpour followed by brilliant sun, created this double rainbow.


Time to go.    Happy June Gardening.


About obsessivecompulsivegardening

I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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5 Responses to June is time for Daylilies

  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Fabulous photos of the day lilies. That Spotted Fever is really interesting with its frills and furbelows.

  2. susan says:

    Your lilies are looking good, I especially like Just fabulous and black fathom depths. Mine seem to be a little earlier than usual and like you my irises did not do well at all, they are all turning brown and yellow, I think their in to wet of ground. Now if I can just keep the deer and rabbits away I will be a happy gardener.

  3. tonytomeo says:

    Daylilies are one of those flowers that should be more popular here than it is. There are so many trendier flowers that take more work. People try to grow peonies, and a few are successful, but such success is rare where winters are so mild. Daylilies just naturally do well here. They only need regular watering. I sometimes wonder about fads. I mean, who decides that peonies should be popular here, but not daylilies?

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