Reaching Higher Ground

I was able to tell others that I placed every bit of hardscape and all of the plants into the garden by myself.  With the exception, of course, of the deck and pergola!   I had planned for years to build a retaining wall, and after researching it by watching endless youtube videos and reading a variety of articles and books, I came to the conclusion that this type of project was out of my skill set.  This is basically what I started with.  There had been a large maple tree here.  This tree was just too close to the house  and had  many dead limbs that would fall during any type of storm. The tree just had to go.

The tree was removed and later I had the stump removed.  It was quite the job.  I had to have the stump dug out twice.  I then had to be patient, waiting for  another year  to pass by to begin the project.  The amount of sunlight provided to the road side garden was great .  I had noticeable better blooms in that garden.  Waiting was actually a good thing, since I had so many decisions to make concerning the wall.  I found a good landscape builder, that was the first and my best decision.  Then the design and function of the wall had to be finalized.    Supplies came, and construction began.

The building took over a week to complete.  It was so exciting to watch the construction.

My neighbor was not home the week of construction, which made everything much easier.  I was able to use her driveway for the construction vehicles and supplies. 

The steps turned out great.  They are made from a manufactured composite and will last an eternity regardless of weather conditions.   The steps look like a natural cut stone. They are very heavy and had to be placed with a forklift.  I also noted that the builders were leveling each and every stone that they placed.  Such quality workmanship.  I was beyond pleased with the final results.  Drainage was used throughout.

The finished result was exactly what I had imagined. 

A little bit of whimsy for the wall.

The planting was fun and I did add more daylilies in this new bed along with other perennials.  .  I also transplanting several iris from other garden beds.    The center of the bed has two yellow peonies and a very dark peony, named Buckeye Belle.    Also planted over 200 daffodils and 50 hyacinths. I can only imagine what it will look like in the spring. 

I mulched in the mums that were planted late summer in hopes that they will return next fall.  This new raised bed should have  continual blooms starting in early spring . It was such a good feeling to get to higher ground.    Now I need to go through more pictures as this heavy snow is falling here.   Happy Gardening Dreams!

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I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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6 Responses to Reaching Higher Ground

  1. susan says:

    Your wall looks amazing.I can only imagine how nice it will look this spring. Right now it looks like the snow has stopped but I think it will start again and continue overnight, not sure but I think we will wake in the morning to alot. The weather in Ohio sure is unpredictable . I too am looking at daylily pics and deciding which ones to add this spring. Stay warm and stay safe until then.

  2. Anna Grant says:

    I’ll bet Bowie loves the wall too! It all looks fabulous, good job!

  3. Patricia says:

    Your wall is amazingly! Looking forward to seeing it this summer!

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Are these old pictures? They look so colorful to be recent, particularly with heavy snowfall presently. Bearded iris are so underrated. They can grow like weeds for us, but are strangely unpopular.

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