So did he see his shadow today?  I guess not.  So that means an early spring.  I want to believe that.  I read somewhere that poor Punxsutawney Phil is most often wrong with his predictions.  I so want him to be correct this year.   I have shadows crossing the room across the Amaryllis which does promise to bloom soon.  This single bulb has 5 buds on it. 

It did bloom yesterday. This is Amaryllis Aphrodite.  A large double bloom.

I try to stay busy inside during this very bitter cold.  It is warming today.  Funny how 20 degrees can feel balmy. 

This is my inside helper.  His name is Scraggly.  A rescue several years ago.  He stays inside and is a joy.  The vet feels Scraggly is mostly Maine Coon.  He does weigh in at over 20 pounds and is a very gentle cat.  He helps with the laundry!  I can’t tell you how many times I have started to  pick up a basket of laundry and didn’t realize he was taking a nap in it.


 A few warming blooms from last summer. 

Subtle Knife
Russian Easter
George Jets On
Mama’s Hot Chocolate

So that last one isn’t so stunning, but it is different.  I also have not seen this bloom for so many years, that I lost track.  I feel that it decided to bloom because it has full sun now with the removal of that large maple tree

Now I am going for Hot Chocolate!  Sounds so good.

Stay Warm. 

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5 Responses to Shadows

  1. susan says:

    Your amaryllis is beautiful and I also like the lily subtle knife. Scraggly is pretty cute too. We had a maine coon years ago they are sweet lovable cats.

  2. John Hric says:

    Nice amaryllis. That is a long list of daylilies. Very nice. Happy confused ground hog day.

  3. An amaryllis I received a year ago only put out leaves after bringing the bulb out of storage at Christmas. No bloom. boo hoo. Yours with 5 buds is amazing.
    Some very tiny daylily rhizomes I bought 3-4 years ago managed to get a little growth going in their favor last summer. I have 70 new daylilies ordered from an EU grower. I hope they’ll begin to make a dent in filling out the border. Starting out with individual rhizome pieces and not a clump, really requires a lot of patience! :=) How long have you been growing them?
    BTW your kitty is adorable!

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Daylilies are prettier where life is more difficult for them. They grow like weeds in mild climates, and bloom profusely, but the flowers are relatively mundane. It seems that where they get more attention to survive through a cold winter, they produce more impressive flowers in summer. People in climates where they probably should not be growing them seem to grow more interesting varieties that those of us who have not problem growing the common varieties. I do not know if that is accurate, but I do happen to find the same old tired ‘Stella d’Oro’ that I see all over Los Angeles to be boring and less impressive than it is in pictures from places like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

  5. Linda May says:

    So lovely…thanks for sharing! I am trying to force some bulbs and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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