July Joy

July is just the best month of the year. So much joy to experience after all the rain. I am thankful that I did not experience any flooding. The lake I live on has a spillway, and although the water level was the highest I have ever seen, it did not go over the bank. I spent considerable time this spring prepping my flower beds. At times, it was difficult due to how wet it was. I cleaned out my road side bed by hand, and then I applied lightning lime. I waited a few weeks and then I fed each daylily with a mixture of plant tone and iron tone. Waited a bit and then I top dressed the entire bed with sweet peat. The difference is remarkable. The daylilies in that bed are like stocks of corn and I have 100% promise of blooms. Every daylily in that bed has scapes and that has not always been my experience. Last season I had 25 daylilies in all of the beds that did not bloom. This year I have only 5 daylilies that have not sent up scapes yet.

New Wall Bed.

This is not the bed that I did all the prepping on. With the other beds I cleaned them out and did apply the plant tone/ iron tone. I am almost finished with top dressing all of the beds with sweet peat. Daylilies do like water, so they all did great with the very wet spring. I did read that the best fertilizer for dayliles is water, although what I did made a big difference. or at least I like to think that.

All of these daylilies have started to bloom the end of June for me.

Kansas Kitten, did not see this bloom last summer at all.

Duck’s Dark Side, it also took a vacation last summer. I missed this one for sure, glad it is blooming well this season.

Chili Spice, it is also blooming this year.

I like it when they pose with their label.

That’s Licorice Candy

This is Eenie Weenie and as you can see, it has a very descriptive name. That is one thing that I really like about daylilies. They come in all heights, and styles. There is always a place in the garden for the shorter plants. Even though it is a plain yellow daylily, it is very short and has a place to be.

Radio Rider
Santa’s Little Helper

Star Monster, and it is a big daylily.

I recently purchased a new composting bin. This is a metal bin from Gardener’s Supply. When it first arrived the lid had a ding in it , which prevented it from closing tightly. This company sent me a new lid right away when I notified them. I can highly recommend Gardener’s Supply. ( no, I do not work for them )

When I took apart the old composting bin, I did use all of the compost in the flower beds.

The blueberries are ripening, another great joy in July. The robins also want the blueberries, but I don’t feel like sharing this time.

More daylilies This is Web of Intrigue. It always blooms early with a high bud count.

One more!

Crazy Ivan

Here’s to having Joy in July!! Happy Gardening.

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I have a hobby that is simply out of control, but the rewards are so great. Join me in my obsession. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!!!
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8 Responses to July Joy

  1. Nancy L Olson says:

    Just beautiful! I did notice, however that your little yellow one didn’t make it! At least on this post!Would love to see what it looks like..you got up my curiosity!
    Nancy O, another daylily lover!
    my blog: Gardens and Castles.in case you are interested…

  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    The daylilies are stunning. It would be almost impossible to choose a favourite.

  3. tonytomeo says:

    ‘Stella d’Oro’ seemed to be so impressive when I first met it, but now that we grow so many, but none of the others, I am getting bored with it. Some of these are as distinguished as bearded iris.

  4. Linda L May says:

    Gorgeous! Your hard work is showing real benefits!

  5. I spot a kitty in the window of the second photo! 🙂 I also have Web of Intrigue – but up here in Quebec, everything is super later, and none bloomed yet except for extra early Middendorfii, which had a record 20 scapes this year! As always, great photos, and good to have news from you.

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