About Me

My garden is located in Northeast Ohio, although just south of the infamous snow belt.  We do experience all four of the glorious seasons here and I live for spring and summer.  I consider myself a collector of daylilies, although lots of other flowers have caught my attention.  Daffodils are a favorite in the spring.  I have planted well over 3,000 bulbs for spring bloom in my gardens.  Tall Bearded Iris are next, and I can’t leave out the true lilies, such as the Asiatics or Oriental Lilies.   In terms of garden design, I am self taught.  Every rock, brick and plant has been placed in the garden by me, as I basically started with a blank slate some 30 odd years ago.  It is still a work in progress, always changing.  I have summers off due to working in a public school system, so that helps maintain my ‘hobby’, although it has become more of an obsession.   Just about everything I do centers around the garden and it certainly keeps me in good shape.  Gardening is a wonderful form of exercise for the body and the mind.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Susan Schiffer says:

    Hi there! I do hope you don’t mind my making contact with you, but I just had to know if you have decided to cease your wonderful News Letter / Blog, or if somehow I have become deleted from your subscribers list? I so enjoyed the many photographs of your beautiful garden, and your much loved pets, not to mention your jottings..I am also a very keen gardener, and while my garden is certainly not on such a grand scale, I do spend much time and love on it. I always admired your wonderful achievements, and can only imagine the effort you must put in to get such fantastic results. I have just taken the liberty of re-subsribing in the hope that I here from you again. I do miss you! Thanking you, and wishing you well. Kind regards, Susan..

  2. Susan Schiffer says:

    Oh what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much. Susan..

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